Emarsys Partner Portal

The purpose of this portal is to provide Emarsys Partners with the tools and resources needed for a successful partnership. Be sure to take a moment to browse through the various sections and familiarize yourself with the available resources.

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About Emarsys

Get a complete overview of Emarsys, including access to the brand guide, boilerplate, product brochure and more!

Co-Marketing Guide

Discover what your partnership with Emarsys has to offer including access to a variety of joint activities.    

Partner Directory

Get listed on the Emarsys partner directory for increased visibility and lead generation opportunity.

Marketing Content

Gain instant access to marketing content, including success stories, brochures, guides, reports and datasheets.

Partner Enablement

Learn more about our solution and how to present it to your clients.

Lead Registration

Do you have a lead?
Be sure to register it.

Enhance Add-ons

Our internal guide to third-party add-on integrations.

Help Portal

Gain instant access to trainings, documentation, and support.

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