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In this section, you can find all the information on Emarsys, including details of our brand guide, boilerplate, and Emarsys brief.

Emarsys Brand Guide

The Emarsys Brand Guide is designed to support those who work with or represent the Emarsys brand. It provides clarity about important parts of our brand identity system and rules for how to use them.
Emarsys Brand Guide

Emarsys Boilerplate

The Emarsys company overview, or boilerplate, can be copied/pasted from the below, either in its full length, 50 or 100 words versions. Emarsys Company Overview

Emarsys Brief

The Emarsys Brief is designed to help partners position Emarsys to their clients. It provides an overview of Emarsys, the company and marketing platform, our pricing range, ideal client and more.
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Emarsys Industry Solutions

The Emarsys Marketing Platform has been designed to fit specific industry needs for E-Commerce, Retail, and Travel. To learn more about our turnkey solutions, visit the Solutions page or download the brochures.
Emarsys Brochure

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